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Prison Law

We are able to assist with transfers to other prisons, often closer to loved ones, re-categorisation to follow sentence plans, assistance with complaints, advice specific to foreign nationals and more.

Sankofa Legal Services provides representation during adjudications if the inmate has been subjected disciplinary charges. We ensure that the inmate has the best possible support and advice at these hearings where an inmate has the possibility of having extra days added on to their sentence.

Near the completion of a sentence, help with applications for parole. We are skilled in supporting inmates in oral parole hearings and securing early releases from prison.
We are also able to help with licence recall matters and will assist with representation at the oral hearing including providing the necessary evidence of any mitigation. 

The legal team at Sankofa are highly effective in challenging poor prison conditions, providing representation at disciplinary hearings and progressing any necessary appeal.

We work throughout the UK our offices are located at
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