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Police Misconduct

False Imprisonment
Sankofa Legal Services are experts at dealing with false imprisonment claims. These usually come about as a result of a wrongful arrest (also known as an unlawful arrest or false arrest) and result in unlawful detention.

What are false imprisonment and wrongful arrest claims?
A person’s right to liberty is carefully protected in law. The police (or other detaining bodies acting with police-like powers) must act according to strict rules when taking your freedom away, failing which they will be guilty of wrongful arrest and false imprisonment, among other things.

Complaints against the police
We also assist with complaints against the police helping you to prepare the complaint the police complaints commission in the event of the rejection of that complaint by the officers own police authority. We are keenly aware of the issues of over policing of Black and Minority Ethnic communities and will work with you and local community groups to arise address police harassment and excessive stop and search.

How do I make a false arrest and unlawful detention claim?
We can assist in identifying where the police (and other detaining bodies, such as shop security staff, magistrates’ court security staff etc.) have acted outside their powers.

The law is not straightforward and strict time limits apply, so it is important that you obtain expert advice and assistance early on if you think that you may have a false imprisonment claim.

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