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Human Rights

Our expertise in this area includes assisting individuals whose application for permission to remain in the UK has been refused. We work to settle appeals against those decisions on the basis that the refusal is a breach of the individual’s human rights.

We work on applications that are made with respect to Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which protects the individual’s right to respect her or his family and private life. The idea of private life is broad but it includes the ability to practice a particular business.

The cases that we advise on that involve Article 3 of the Convention (Article 3 protects the individual from torture and degrading treatment) typically involve breaches by public sector bodies such as the UK Boarder Agency.

Many of the cases that we advising on in immigration rely on the Human Rights Act to challenge extradition or deportation.

We also have extensive expertise in the area of the right to a fair trial.

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