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Corporate Recovery and Turnaround

It is now more important than ever to ensure that businesses and individuals receive the guidance and support they need to keep their finances under control and to manage their cash flow and liabilities. Our corporate recovery and insolvency specialists pride themselves on being able to offer clear and concise practical legal advice that is suited to the unique requirements of you and your business.

Our team provides bespoke guidance on how to deal with mounting debts, getting money in from debtors, negotiating with banks and the general restructuring of businesses. In the event that insolvency is unavoidable, we strive to guide businesses through the appropriate formal insolvency procedures, while also offering advice and support to directors and other individuals regarding potential personal liability. We also provide sound, technical and practical advice to insolvency practitioners, lenders and other relevant organisations on their powers, duties and positions in respect of both formal and informal insolvency scenarios.

Our key areas of expertise are:

Administrative receiverships
Bankruptcy petitions
Business restructuring
Company voluntary arrangements (CVAs)
Compulsory liquidations
Creditors’ voluntary liquidations
Directors disqualification proceedings
Directors’ duties and liability on insolvency
Directors’ and shareholders’ disputes leading to insolvency
Fraudulent trading
Individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs)
Insolvency injunctions
Investigations by insolvency practitioners into antecedent transactions
LPA and fixed charge receiverships
Members’ voluntary liquidations (including section 110 reconstructions)
Partnership insolvency
Provisional liquidations
Public and private examinations
Public interest winding-up petitions
Retention of title claims
Security reviews and enforcement
Winding up petitions
Wrongful trading

We advise on reconstructions outside formal insolvency proceedings, including areas such as work-outs, debt restructurings, standstill arrangements and formal court driven arrangement to bind dissenting creditors. At Sankofa Legal Services we focus on the crucial issues and are skilled at giving advise to directors.

We assist in conducting a review of the strategic options open to a company, the potential benefits of formal reorganisations and the anticipated exit route. We advise on preparing the necessary documentation and reports to support any court applications. Once the order has been made, we advise on the financing of the company's operations, the disposal of its business and key assets, and compromise arrangements with creditors. We can also advise on the proposals to be put to creditors' meetings and compliance with other statutory requirements.

We provide comprehensive advice to banks, from a full security review to the enforceability of the security, drafting the documentation for the enforcement of the security and co-ordinating the service of demands. We advise liquidators and creditors on all aspects of insolvent liquidations, including trustees' protection of assets, the validity of creditors' claims, claw-back actions and set off. We also advise corporate clients on the use of solvent means of efficiently restructuring their corporate groups.

The emphasis of our insolvency litigation practice is on cost efficient settlement and maximum recoveries, using procedures such as medication and arbitration when appropriate and available. Where cases do go to court, we have expertise in all forms of insolvency application and enforcement procedures. We will also, where appropriate, share the litigation risk through the use of conditional fee agreements, as well as provide cost-saving services such as in-house advocacy for straightforward applications.

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