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Debit Recovery

Our Debt Recovery specialists recognise that bad debts can affect cashflow, drain resources and impede business efficiency. Why allow your customers indefinite periods of interest free credit? if their business fails you could be left with nothing. Every business should have effective cashflow procedures in place. Outstanding invoices can be a company's biggest "asset". Turning this asset into cash is essential to enable a business to progress.

We recognise that a busy company may not have the time or resource to pursue bad debts but we do. We also have the expertise and can do this efficiently and cost effectively it is therefore more cost effective to outsource your debit recovery work to us. We usually find that a letter before action or claim form prompts payment or style to to collect the debit in a way that maintains business relationships.

Instructing our debt recovery team to deal with your debt recovery means that you can get on with the running of your business, safe in the knowledge that bad debts are being pursued and monies collected.

Our Debt Recovery team has experience across all aspects of recovery and enforcement, with particular specialisms in:

letters before action
Issue of County Court claims
enforcement of judgments
issue of statutory demands
bankruptcy proceedings
winding-up proceedings

We run debt recovery claims from letters before action through to judgement and enforcement.

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